Four Paws, Two Feet, One Team

Our program empowers veterans and individuals with disabilities to restore their freedom to live life.


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Healing together, providing each other with a new lease on life. Most of our dogs are rescued dogs and carefully matched to their human partner.


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Pauliina Saarinen: Photo

Operation Freedom Paws Canada

is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization, doing compassionate work that changes lives, one rescue at a time. For veterans, first responders, and civilians with PTSD and complex trauma, this work is nothing short of a lifeline. Our clients and their dogs share a bond like no other, even more so when that bond is born through rescue.

We saved each other, is something we hear time and time again from our OFP family, and it never loses its impact.

Dog Team Stacey and Candy

What We Do

Serving those in need.

We train individuals to train their own dog, then certify them together as a service dog team. Most of our dogs come from rescue shelters. Each is matched to a specific client’s physical and psychological needs.

This unique opportunity enables our clients to feel safe and secure while they manage their day-to-day lives. The special therapeutic canine-human relationship helps them get back out in their communities and begin to view their future with renewed hope.



pictures of the Trainers and Dogs in action

Barb Ashmead

Working with Veterans, First Responders and Non-veterans has been the greatest experience of my life. Watching a team bond and save each others lives is phenomenal and an incredible life changing experience.



Made for success, Purpose for everyone. Goal for every person. A dog for every person. A dog for every goal. A community for all.



Life Changing.



Such a wonderful program. Gracie and I are so thankful to be in it. The instructors are so amazing.


OFP member Tiffany holding her service dog Atlas

A hundred years of thank yous still wouldn’t feel like enough to explain how grateful I am to OFPC and its supporters. I have seen first-hand the amount of people that have had their lives absolutely changed and filled with hope again. Thank you for reminding me there is life after trauma and how to trust my dog.


Service Dog Process

About Working Together:

We work with veterans, non-veterans and children with PTS, MST, CPST or other physical, neurological, psychological or mobility needs using rescue dogs. OFP Canada saves two lives!



Matching The Teams

A Pathway Home

Past trauma erodes all aspects of life; from relationships, and work, to physical and mental health. But there is hope. Our clients and their carefully-matched dogs enter the training process together, undertaking a transformational journey of trust building that empowers them to re-enter the world in a way that seemed impossible.



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Program costs for our clients are 100% funded by donations. Your generosity removes barriers and offers hope to those who truly need our program, and we thank you.


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