The Program
Building Service Dog Teams

The program is based on teamwork. Both you and your dog will be working hard toward a common goal: certification as a service dog team. The Operation Freedom Paws Canada team is here to support your success.

OFPC may look to some like a charity, but we think of it as an organization that supports and enables you to achieve success. We’re not just giving you a dog, we’re giving you the tools you need to overcome challenges.

Most of the dogs in our teams are rescued from shelters. Thus, the team is healing together, & providing each other with a new lease on life. All the elements you’ll need to be successful will be provided at no cost to you.

Dog Team Stacey and Candy

How to Apply

About working together:

The most important element; You bring your desire and determination to succeed.

The program to train your service dog will follow a defined protocol and time line. Below is a list of what we do.

**Please note that while we do our best to serve everyone in need, not all applications will be accepted into the program**


1. To Apply

Fill out and submit the application form. You’ll also need to have a letter from a doctor recommending a service dog.

2. Meet with us

In a one-on-one interview, we’ll discuss and assess your needs and the most important tasks for your service dog to perform, as well as determining the characteristics of a dog that you will find most important.

3. Match with a dog

We’ll use our best judgment and intuition, but the dog and you really find each other. In rare cases, existing pets can be trained as service dogs.

4. Begin the training program

You and your dog will meet with us twice weekly for approximately 48 weeks for lessons, guidance, and exercises you will practice at home.

5. Become certified

Once you’re certified as a service dog team, your dog will have all the rights and responsibilities defined for service dogs under the BC Guide Dog & Service Dog Act

How To Help

Donate or Shop To Support Our Cause

To ensure the program is available to everyone who needs it, this program is provided free of charge to each recipient. We rely on donations to provide support for shelter rescues dog fees, training equipment, veterinary treatments, Dog Food and Team Training.

Barb Ashmead

Working with Veterans, First Responders and Non-veterans has been the greatest experience of my life. Watching a team bond and save each others lives is phenomenal and an incredible life changing experience.



Made for success, Purpose for everyone. Goal for every person. A dog for every person. A dog for every goal. A community for all.



Life Changing.



Such a wonderful program. Gracie and I are so thankful to be in it. The instructors are so amazing.


OFP member Tiffany holding her service dog Atlas

A hundred years of thank yous still wouldn’t feel like enough to explain how grateful I am to OFPC and its supporters. I have seen first-hand the amount of people that have had their lives absolutely changed and filled with hope again. Thank you for reminding me there is life after trauma and how to trust my dog.


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